pecialists in air freshener solutions with nanotechnology To make your place stand out with its own smell With Luxury Spirit

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    Features of Luxury Spirit devices


    This bottle allows the particles of perfume to be broken down to diffused in the air without exposing it to heat, making it one of the safest perfuming methods.

    Device control via wifi

    Our smart devices enable you to control them from anywhere in the world without being near the device. They also help homes and large hotels in changing the settings from anywhere without going to the device’s location

    One year real warranty

    From our oriented vision that customer service and solving their problems is the first way to reach customer satisfaction and happiness. We have provided a real warranty for a full year, including all types of maintenance and replacement

    Replacement Warranty (All Kinds of Devices)

    Any of the company's old or new customers can apply to replace their old devices with new ones, where the company estimates the value of the old device and deducts it from the value of the new device

    Why should you buy Luxury Spirit

    Increase Sales

    The pleasant smell gives the customer an increase in the period of stay in the place and thus increases the likelihood of purchase

    Fragrant scent associated with your brand

    A brand-specific scent allows customers to increase their connection to the place, which helps to remember the place when the customer is exposed to the scent elsewhere

    Healthy perfumes from international origins

    Our company offers a wide range of Arab and foreign perfumes from the best Italian and Spanish international companies

    Best follow up services

    Our team is the core of our success, which provides its services to clients at the best international levels

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